CORE on the Coast HOA management

Homeowners Association Management

A homeowner's association's goal is to preserve the beauty and character of the community while maintaining property values. HOA boards typically consist of community members that perform their duties on a volunteer basis. Often boards are stretched thin or don't have the skills to provide all of the services required in the manner needed.

CORE on the Coast is here to provide administrative services, accounts receivable management, site management, accounting services, and a customized approach to your community's needs. We are local and cherish the charm and personality of our area. We will get to know your community and homeowners to provide the very best service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Homeowners Association (HOA) Management Company do?
A Homeowners Association Management Company manages and enforces the HOA's policies, works with the board, handles day to day operations, and performs ongoing maintenance as needed.

Should my HOA hire an HOA Management Company?
Hiring a Professional Homeowners Association Management Company ensures community property value. HOA Management Companies will typically have faster response times than volunteer boards. They will manage the dues collection and financial reporting, ensure governance and legal compliance, handle disputes, and manage vendor relations.