Carrabelle Florida Real Estate at sunrise


Carrabelle, FL, has a wide variety of real estate properties and homes for sale.

This tiny city between Eastpoint and Lanark Village reveals pristine Florida beaches, the beautiful Crooked River Lighthouse and Museum, and access to some of Florida's best fishing opportunities.

The Carrabelle River weaves up into riverfront neighborhoods and areas. Just like so much of Franklin County, FL, water is the main attraction. No matter where you are in Carrabelle, you are close to water.

This unique, Old-Florida community offers homes and properties for every budget, including investment opportunities.

People who enjoy water love living and vacationing in Carrabelle's natural environment and have unlimited access to paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, beaching, and fishing.

Those looking to get away from the city for a lifetime and those seeking a vacation home in a charming coastal community choose Carrabelle for its small-town feel.

If you are interested in being an owner in Carrabelle, FL, or if you have a property to sell, see the team at CORE on the Coast.

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